Friday, May 31, 2013

Getting excited for Monday!

I am super excited for Monday to have an official meeting with Candlelighters to talk about details and get "Cameron's Fight Big Bags" off and running! I can't wait to start putting the "Cameron's Comfort Kits" together!!! There is such a need for these and I am happy that Cameron can help kids and families, and make them "Happy Now" if just for a moment, during a really tough time

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Making a little progress

Sorry I have been off of the radar here for a little while. Mother's day and the days leading up to it, was rough is an understatement. The twins & hubby made it as nice as possible for this crazy time. I wanted to thank everyone for the ideas for the names of the emergency parent/kiddo fresh from the ambulance or diagnosis bags to honor Cameron's big fight & short little life!! So, we used all of ides in the different versions!!!! The big giant tote bag itself will be called the "Cameron's Fight Big Bag" the contents of the bag are "Cameron's Comfort kits" for all of the people fresh from the ambulance or diagnosis. Then, we want to have "Cameron's Happy Now Bags" (since he always asked "Are you happy now? Are you better? Are you big better or little better?" when his brother & sister were crying or fighting) these can be a toy for the kids, maybe something like an itunes gift card for the teens or a Starbucks gift card for mom or dad. You get the idea. The "Cameron's Happy Now Bags" can be for kids readmitted repeatedly or kids placed in isolation ect. I am super excited this is starting to take shape. There are so many kids and families up there that need this cancer or not. The time we spent in the PICU really showed me what a need there is for just this sort of thing. There just isn't a lot of help out there like this for kids and families in severe medical crisis, cancer, trauma or severe emergency illness. There is just something about this that really speaks to me, just feels right. I just want his little life to make a BIG mark on this world & help sick kiddos. If you have any other ideas let me know. We are still in process of working out the fundraising tax ID plan. The logistics can be tricky to navigate. I will let you know when we are officially up & running!! The first step is forming a plan and setting goals, then the working out of the logistics!!! Thank you for your prayers, love & support!!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Prayers needed for Collin!

Update & prayers needed for little Collin Cameron's buddy~~ This is from Collin's mom Rachel Wilson~~Well, thanks so much! 1st) that this treatment will slow down his leukemia enough so we can go to the trial in Maryland at NIH. 2nd) that the trial at NIH would be successful for him. The treatment at NIH (national institute of Health) is a slower moving treatment. His leukemia has become aggressive and needs to become more under control before we can qualify for the trial. Thank you!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

GREAT news!!!

Ohhh!!! Very exciting news!!! The organization "Candle Lighters for Children with Cancer" has contacted me & expressed interest in supporting the idea for parent/kiddo emergency, fresh from the ambulance or diagnosis, tote bag!!! More info to come.....Yayyyyyy! BIG PROGRESS ♥ ♥ ♥