Monday, August 5, 2013

The very first delivery of "Cameron's Fight Big Bags"

"Cameron's Fight Big Bags" made their first delivery to the pediatric intensive care unit(PICU)!!! Big Thank You to Sue George, Marium, Jacque Tomkinson and her "Thirty One Bags" family!! They all sent huge boxes of supplies! Jacque sent some really great "Thirty One bags"!! Thank you to everyone else who has given supplies too! The PICU staff doctors, nurses and helpers, they are all so sweet!!!! It was so nice to see all of the familiar faces who made a tough time easier. Lots of love & hugs! PICU nurse Michelle is amazing! The supply closet looked pretty bare and now it looks much better, ready to help some families. There is still more room, but hey, it's a great start!! We even found a good use for the left over gift bags from the twins birthday party. They can hold the "Comfort kits" until we get more Fight Big Bags. If you would like to collect and send gear for the PICU, the address to send it to is in the "About" section on this page. Please just items, no cash or checks since we are not an official charity and would have to claim it on our taxes as income. Sending items is the best route to help the families at the PICU. If you would like to donate cash or checks and would like a tax deduction, you can donate financially to Candlelighters for Children with cancer, since they are an official charity. A Candlelighters donation helps the pediatric cancer version of the "Cameron's Fight Big Bags" just name "Cameron Merrill" in the notes section. They are still moving forward on the pediatric cancer version of "Cameron's Fight Big Bags". They have been really great! The Qudoba fundraiser raised $1300 for the "Cameron's Fight Big Bag", bereavement & legacy programs. This is so great to see it all coming together! You have to start somewhere!!! You on this page...have started something really good!! Thank you "Cameron Merrill's Big Fight Family" here!! Thank you for all of your love, prayers and support!!! Big hugs & loves to you!