Friday, March 29, 2013

I miss him

I had a dream last night I was kissing little Cameron & just smothering him with kisses. Thank God for dreams! I just miss him. I told the twins "That's Gods gift to us when someone we love goes to heaven. We get to dream about them & it's like they are right there." It is amazing how tears can just pour & pour from your eyes like water from the faucet. I didn't know that was possible. Thank goo...dness we have a great team of friends, family, doctors & medication to help through all of this. Time is helping too. It still sucks on so many levels, but it's helping a smidge. It's been 2 months but it feels like a million years. I just miss him so much. I wasn't done being his mommy, not by a longshot. It just feels like so much left undone. It is really just now sinking in for the twins. We are so lucky to have great nurses, friends & family doing fun special things for the twins to keep them happy. Thank you everyone who have helped us out in so many, many ways. I wish I could return the favors somehow. It really takes a team to get through all of this. We are so grateful for all of the people reaching out to us. Big hugs & loves to you!!! ♥ Thank you for the prayers too ♥

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