Thursday, September 5, 2013

He would be 3 yesterday

Ok, so I want to build on my friends idea about Cameron and involve you...people always ask what they can do to help and I never know what to tell them...ok, so I want to build on who Cameron is, who he was and who he didn't get the chance to be.  He would always say to the twins when they were crying "Are you happy now? Are you big better or little better? Are you happy now?" so in honor of his birthday of his life, who he was and who he would be, I want to ask you to do one good thing for someone else that you wouldn't normally do.  When you do, think of Cameron & do it for all the good things he never got a chance to do. My goal is for him to have a lifetime of good things to add to the world, a full lifetime. This is what you can do to help  <3 You can do it (little things or big things) and comment here to give others ideas or you can keep it to yourself. I just want him to have a lifetime in some way.  This may sound like a super weird request....but it makes perfect sense to me.  <3 Thank you to everyone who has already done this.  <3 Big hugs to all of you <3

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