Tuesday, September 17, 2013

9 months today

It just hit me...9 months today. I miss him so much, sometimes it feels like it was all just a bad dream & I will wake up and he will be here. Wishful thinking I guess. I just miss him sooooo much. Life with out him just is too quiet. This picture was taken last year when we went to tour the fired department here in Corvallis. He loved the fire trucks. The were not just oh-boy, but "Big-oh boy" Cammmy said. He would have just started pre-school. He would be a big kid now. We talk about him all the time. The twins talk about him nearly every day about what he would be doing if he was still on earth & what he must probably being doing in heaven, at that moment. The twins tell people "I have a baby brother, he is 3, he lives in heaven" just so matter of factly. They help us remember the cute little things he would say or do. It is all getting to be a way of life now. I still have a hard time seeing little boys that resemble what he looks like or who he might have grown into. I think that will stick with me. I just miss him. Please don't ever be afraid or feel awkward talking about him to us, we think about him all of the time. Thank you to everyone who have helped his legacy keep going. Thank you for your love prayers & support

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