Saturday, June 9, 2012

He is so tough!!

Kinda tough day for the big guy. Nausea is no fun!  Aunt Kiss (Chris) & Kayleen took the twins overnight for a big fun time! It was nice they could miss the ucky tummy times today.  Tuesday is his next appointment and it will be his last sedation/spinal tap/ chemo in the spine for 4 weeks!  In total he has had 8 of those treatments! He is just so tough!!! This session of chemo lasts 57 days and will finish around the 17th of July.  There will be a week or so break and then we start the next round that will last 64 days.  In that round we will have mandatory 1 week in the hospital stays for high dose intensive chemo, then 1 week home, then 1 week back in the hospital & so on.  This will be for the duration of that round.  Everything is on track so far so that is always good news  :)

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