Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Here we go again!

We get to back up to Dornbechers on Friday for Cameron to get more blood to boost his counts back into a comfortable range. The Doctors said he is borderline now so Friday he will surely need it after this week of chemo. It will be nice to have his platelets up and red blood cells too, so he won't be as pale & more sturdy to play with the twins, if he is up for it. :)
Cameron was having so much fun with Amy his chemo pal today. His appointment went well, but his ANC#(resistance to infection) went back down to 500. That means no more public places and any fever over 100.4 gets us admitted back up to Dornbechers for 3 to 4 day minimum stay. The Dr. said that they expected this and its all part of the plan but that he is doing well in spite of his ANC#. I asked about how easily he is bruising and they said his platelets & hemoglobin dropped too. All part of the deal they said. UGH! Thank goodness he won't remember any of this! The upside is that he did have fun with Amy today!!

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