Monday, June 4, 2012

Update on the big plan of attack!

Tomorrow is a fairly easy appointment for Cameron up at Dornbechers. We have a 2:30pm clinic appointment and a 3:30pm sedation/spinal tap & chemo. Hopefully he can nap all of the way up there and miss out on the no food/drink grumpies prior to the procedure.
It is day 15 of 57days of treatment for this round. There are 2 more rounds of really hard treatment (if all goes well). So, in total there are 4 rounds of hard treatment. Each has different aspects that makes it hard. Each round is 57 to 64 days long. Once we finish this round, the next one will make him lose his hair. Its thinning now, but doesn't show up on the super cute pictures we just had taken. His hair should be gone by August. If all goes well and he doesn't relapse we may be on the maintenance phase by Christmas!!! The maintenance round is the one everyone wants to be on. In that, you go up to Dornbechers once a month, take a pill every day & he gets to grow his hair back. So big prayers please that there is no relapse during the maintenance phase :) Once we are on maintenance we can really start to be "cautiously optimistic"!!! Soooo far so good! Keep the prayers coming, they are working!! Thank you!!!! :)

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