Thursday, July 19, 2012

Change in plans!

Ok, so change in plans, since his counts are so close & he has a history of his counts jumping 300 points in 1 day, we are going to take the gamble & go up to Dornbechers anyway. He is getting a great nap today and looking good. He is eating well too. We will go up super early & do the blood test. If he still doesn't pass then we still have the whole day ahead of us. This way I feel like we are doing every thing possible we can do for him.

Since there is a good chance we will be admitted for a week & the chemo will make his hair come out pretty fast...we did it. We didn't want him to be uncomfortable with the tickling hairs all over his neck & back. Dad joined the team too! Now we have 2 baldies :)

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