Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Here we go!! Lets try this again!

                     Keylin and Cameron playing "Baby Cameron"

 Super Cam! Our little superhero!! Fighting Cancer with style!!

Tomorrow morning at 8:15am we go in for another blood test here locally to see if his ANC# (resistance to infection) is high enough to start treatment on Thursday morning. If the ANC# is 750 or higher, he will have his spinal tap at 9:30am on Thursday if it is approved. This next round of chemo will make his nausea come back more than ever. Mouth sores inside his mouth & digestive tract are very common. Very bland no salt foods are on the menu for him. They said the first dose of Methotrexate takes 24hrs to run into his system, then they give a "rescue" medicine to stop the Methotrexate from actively working. It is like a reversal agent. The next step is to flush it from his system. When his blood tests show up clear then he can go home. That is the part we won't know how long it will take. He also gets his regular chemo on top of it. It is super hard to take him into the doctor's office knowing it is about to get really hard for him. I guess I just have to look at the big picture and help him as much as we can from moment to moment. He is such a trooper, I know he will do great. As always, prayers are very appreciated! Thank you!

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