Saturday, September 22, 2012

Getting ready for the next round of chemo!

Cameron goes in for a blood test here in town on Wed the 26th to see if his ANC# (resistance to infection) is high enough to start the next final round of treatment before maintenance!!!! We are so close now :) this round should finish around the end of November if he doesn't get delayed due to low blood count numbers on day 29 of this 64 day phase. They said it is not unusual to be delayed on th

at day 29 recheck. Good to know. It is really nice they know what to expect. We might be a little needy this round as far as help with the twins ect. If this is anything like the last time he was on these steroids and other meds, it may be a bumpy ride. He pretty much clung to me the whole time and had so much nausea all I could do was basically just sit and hold him. We watched a lot of Blues Clues! This time around I think/hope we have the nausea beast tamed. Now that we know his magic formula for the anti-nausea meds. Just when you think you have got it down...everything changes! I guess it is all part of the adventure! We will take all of the prayers we can get! Thank you! :)

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