Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's nice to be home

Cameron did really well today! It was like a symphony...once one thing stopped it just flowed into the next procedure with no obstacles!  I  really love how smooth & streamlined the process is some days. When they "plugged him in" yesterday, the poke of the IV tubing into his port, for the first time he didn't even cry once.  I think he is accepting this is just a fact of life now. I reminded him of what was going to happen for his sedation, the play by play, and he did really well.  He is really restless tonight but so far the nausea is under control. All of that today & he got his flu shot too! He is so much tougher than I will ever be! Ya gotta love him! Thank you for all of the prayers, I am sure that is why it went so smoothly today!! Thank you!!  :)

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