Monday, October 1, 2012

He is doing good so far!

Cameron had a really nice weekend! We had a nice surprise at his chemo appointment, the doctors said we would have 7 to 10 days from  the day he got his chemo to see his ANC# (Resistance to infection) go down.  That was like getting the gift of time!!  We took advantage (cautiously) of our last few days of his resistance being up and enjoyed some fun outings. The steroids are slowly building up in his system so he is still our little Cameron for the most part (not the grumpy steroid kido).  We have some friends staying with us helping out & one is a registered nurse, so its super nice to have our own personal nurse to ask questions to.  We are very lucky to have such great friends!!  This week now should be fairly quiet & uneventful for Cameron, is what the doctors said, but it gives us time to refine our techniques of infection control. Here comes the war with germs! Thank you all, so much for cheering us on in this adventure!  :)

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