Friday, May 18, 2012

Next Appointment...Tuesday

I just talked to the nurse about Tuesdays appointment and it is going to be a long day. We have to be there at 9:30am in Portland then he gets a ton of fluid, then chemo, then more fluid to help clear it from his system. Then, at 4pm he gets his sedation spinal tap/chemo in his spine. He can't have anything to eat starting 6 hours before so it will be interesting keeping a hungry kido entertained. Hopefully he can get a nap in, but not likely since the rooms are separated by curtains. It takes about 45 min for the procedure then another hour (give or take) to wake up. Then, we get to drive another hour & a half home. Thank goodness there is the technology to do this, but it makes for a big day for Cameron! :)
I am learning new ways to incorperate this new life into our old one.  Today, I had to pick up the twins from preschool. I just put Cam in the backpack that way I could go in the classroom pick up the twins & not worry about Cam touching anything.  I have a feeling he is going to be spending a ton more time in that wonderful invention!! Thank you Auntie Theresa for it & DeAnn for the idea!!  Thank you Melinda & Stephanie for that wonderful slide show!! I cry every time I watch it :) Good one for sure!!

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