Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Thursday is the BIG day!! We are resting up today while dad takes the twins out on an adventure to the fish farm to feed the fish, throw rocks and have a picnic!! Picnics are always a big hit!!! We show up for surgery in the morning around 8am in Portland so we have to leave around 6am with no food/water for a grumpy Cameron. Poor guy, that is a tough one for him.  He will get his port placed and they will do the bone marrow/lumbar puncture as well.  2 hours of actual surgery and then recovery after that. It is going to be a long day.  Thankfully my sister is coming to help out. They say its just a few days until the pain eases up and then in a week or so he can play in our backyard kiddie pool like a big kid!!! No more tube hanging off of his arm from the pic line.  The next round of chemo will last 57 days and there will be lumbar punctures every week for a while.  That means a sedation each time.  The nice part is that we only go to Portland once a week during that round. We get to give him chemo at home through the port 3x a week. Crazy!! They say he won't lose his hair during these next 57 days but he will on the following new round of treatment.  That is going to be SUPER hard on mom.  I can be in denial on some level,  until the hair is gone.  It will just be the new normal I guess :)  That is the low down until we know the results of the tests in the morning  :)  Thank you for all of your love & support!!

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