Friday, May 11, 2012

Big Test done...Now we wait!

Whew! The big test is behind us now! Now we just wait for the results.  We had to check in at 8am & we had to wait 2 hours in a 8x6 room.We were separted from the others waiting for surgery by only a curtain, with no toys.   My sister was amazing with him, it was so fun to watch her make him squeal & giggle over & over.  She did an awesome job keeping him entertained while we waited & I did paperwork/spoke with the nurses & Drs.  She was a lifesaver!  It was fun to see the people walking by with a smile or giggle themselves at the constant sound of his little belly laugh giggles!  The procedure took 2 hours and then they brought us back to the recovery, he was sleepy & sweet. Then the wild man emerged and after several medications and another hour we were able to go home  :) He was Mr. sleepy the rest of the night, and that was fine with me after his big day :) Thanks Aunt Kiss!

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