Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Little Bit of Good News...

I love good news even if its just little bits of it! We were able to skip our Drs appointment today.  The nurse called and said " His ANC looks good & rising like we want to see & we don't have any test results yet, so lets save you a long drive."Yayyy!  I am obsessing about it so much I am begging the nurses to obsess too! They tolerate me:)
We go back in a week for the not so fun stuff. Spinal tap, sedation & chemo.  His hair is really starting to thin so off we got to Olan Mills to get some pictures to have a "before" picture of him & the twins while his ANC is up. I can't even think about how hard it will be to see him without hair.  He was born with a mop!!  It will seriously interfere with my denial :)  Every day he gets stronger & more independant. It is so nice to see him playing & picking up new words, just being a kid.  Its super nice to not have to worry...as much about germs ect. while his immune system is up.  They say the cancer is cureable but its the infections that can be the ---I don't want to think about.  It is all just amazing how well technology is advancing.  How they can take a super sick kid & make him into a seemingly healthy regular kid.  It is weird to look at him playing, laughing, eating & think he is REALLY sick. Technology is amazing!!!

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