Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ways you can help!

Hi there!

My name is Melinda, I am one of Shelley's friends and I set up this site to help Shelley and her family to be able to keep her family and friends updated on Cameron's status. Shelley will be the main author on this site, but from time-to-time I will be helping her out and adding to her blog for her. Here is a quick update and a few ways that you can help....

Cameron came home as of this last Friday, May 4th, yay! He continues to do well. I had the opportunity to see the little guy. Shelley said he was having a good day, that he hasn't felt well enough to walk lately, but Friday, he was up and moving around.

With the help of a friend of Shelley's, Linda Blair, we have come up with a way to keep the calendar on the "Cameron's Helping Hands" site with updates for the Merrill's needs. A link is at the top right hand side of this blog in GREEN. As of Monday evening, May 7th, I should be able to update you all, on some new needs.

The Merrill's freezer is full for now, but there are other things we can do for them.

A few examples:

Gas cards-for the many trips to Portland and back, since gas is not cheap, it can be costly driving back and forth. Those can be sent to the Merrill's address 2445 NW 12th St, Corvallis, OR 97330.

Yard work-When Cameron is awake he wants his mom, which is understandable since the little guy doesn't feel good and when Cameron is resting, so is Shelley. Cressey (dad) has his hands full with the twins and work, so any kind of yard work would be a great help! Mowing, pulling weeds etc.

Walking the dog-Rex (their dog) is a big guy, he is a big teddy bear, but he needs some TLC. There is not much to go around these days and I'm sure you would make a new friend in him:)

House Cleaning-provided that Cameron is having a good day, I will post what days are good for them. You can sign-up for house cleaning. You must not be sick or have been sick for 48 hours or been around anyone that has been sick, prior to cleaning the house. Cameron's immune system is low, so we need to be careful.

Transportation for twins-to and from daycare and preschool. Shelley was the transporter of the twins, but if Shelley is in Portland, at the hospital, she will be unavailable to transport them, and Cressey could really use the help.

Donations-to a trust fund for Cameron at any Chase bank under a 3rd party administrator name of Jason Miller acct # 3030040413

If you have joined their helping hands there is a calendar that will have days that will specified for yardwork, walking the dog, house cleaning, and transportation needed for twins. Please check back Monday evening for sign-ups on the calendar. Anytime there is a change "Helping hands" will automatically notify you.
Thank you for your prayers and support! The family really appreciates it!

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