Friday, November 2, 2012

Another bump in the road

We have the opportunity to stay a few more days...He was still having pain in his throat last night so they weren't able to lower the pain medicine enough to have it managed at home. This morning he woke up with a new wheeze(sounds like a pigeon cooing) and raspy voice. They still gave him the chemo but no sedation/spinal chemo since they were worried about his breathing during the procedure.
They are going to evaluate him with the ear/nose/throat team & use a scope to see what they find. The bummer part is that they can't sedate him for that, I asked for a oral medicine to make him more relaxed or forget completely. The magic mix of anti-nausea medicine is working :) We took a ride in the push car around the hallway, he had a GREAT time & even smiled at the doctor today. He is better, just another bump in the road :)

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