Saturday, November 3, 2012

Just waiting around :)

Yesterday they did the scope with a little tiny straw like camera through his nose. We loaded him up with Adivan ahead of time and he did really well. He was relaxed and mellow. It went really quickly and he didn't seem too majorly bothered by it, more inconvenienced. Advian is wonderful! They found some inflammation on his vocal cords and gunk just hanging out just pestering him when he breathes. In the middle of the night his breathing got really raspy so they gave him an anti-inflammatory breathing treatment. It ended up helping him, but now his heart rate is staying high (180's). They are slowly weaning him off of the pain medicine too. We tried increasing the pain med to see if it lowered the heart rate, but didn't lower it. We are back to waiting & watching. Maybe Monday or Tuesday if all stays quiet! He had fun playing with some play-doh today!

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