Sunday, November 18, 2012

Nice & quiet

Today was a nice quiet day with fun visitors, Laura & Melinda (Auntie Mo-minda). Thank you! Cameron's having some issues with nausea from the last chemo, but each day it gets a little less. His heart rate is up but it could be from any number of things, but nothing of any major concern. They are slowly weaning him from the steroids & he seems to be doing well with his breathing. It looks like
 Fun in the playroom with Auntie Mo-minda & friends
 Super sweet notes & pictures from the Parkrose  students!
 Love that Mickey!
 Big hugs with Laura~~
 Parkrose sparrow club are selling these, Cameron wanted them all  :)

we will be here for Thanksgiving. They do a big catered one on the 11th floor for the whole hospital & will bring a plate to us. The fun news is tomorrow is the Chelsea Hicks foundation is doing "Chelsea's Closet" it's when the kids get a costume & do a parade around the clinic & patient rooms. This time we get to join the parade instead of watch from a window from isolation. It will be fun to see what he picks out for a costume! :) Wednesday is our BIG DAY!! Last chemo before maintenance!! Whaaa hoo! That will be our "what we are thankful for" this Thanksgiving for sure!!

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