Thursday, November 1, 2012

Back on track!

Pet therapy! Huck the  cat!

Plasma cars are everywhere here

Fish tanks on 7th floor is a great time

It was SO nice to be out of the room today!! Cameron actually walked 10 steps today!! That is a big win! Thank you Auntie Jan for bringing dinner & movies. Yum! The doctors plan is that he is  to get back on track for treatment, day 29 of 57 days. Tomorrow morning at 10:30am he will get his spinal Methotrexate sedation. When he wakes up he gets Cyclophosphamide & Cyterabine ARAC in his port IV. Then an oral pill daily Thioguanine. This round is the super nausea round, we have had this mix before and we know what to expect, and how to fix it.   Since he has lost weight they want to watch him overnight to see how he does with the nausea. We may go home Saturday morning :) This chemo is also the ANC resistance dropper too.  They said 60% of kids  are admitted in 7 to 10 days after with a fever again.  Last time we were able to skip the fever, but that was summer & this is cootie season now.  At least we will get a break to go home until the fever hits again.  I may need my "Fever Watch" team for juggling twins on standby this coming week & weekend.  Thank you it is such a HUGE help!  :) Love you guys!  :)

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