Sunday, November 25, 2012

Here in the bubble

It just occurred to me that tomorrow will be 7 weeks that we have been here at Doernbechers (minus 48hrs). Wow. What a wild ride :) He is in good spirits this morning, his ANC is still zero & his white cells dropped again too. He had some fevers overnight. They think he has a new cold just waiting for the test result. Our adventure to the 7th floor may have been the window to get a new cold.
In his defense, his ANC# dropped 1000 points overnight that night. He had an immune system when he was there it just dropped super fast. That is the fastest I have seen it drop too. I think this is the lowest his ANC# has ever been. He will be getting more IV antibodies today. They said it should help give him a boost. We are here in the bubble :)

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