Thursday, November 29, 2012

Baby steps!

So far, so good tonight.  The numbers are going in the right direction so far.  His heart rate is lower so that means he is relaxing nicely to all of this new gear.  He still has a lot more steps to take, but he is taking baby steps in the right direction so far. It is a good start.  It is really interesting to learn about all of these new machines that they use to monitor him.  Technology is really amazing how they can pick up on the slightest changes.  There are some seriously smart people speaking a medical language(the terminology),  I may as well be in a foreign country, for as much as I can pick out of the conversations they have. My nurses are great and have given me a tour of the monitors in his room & what the numbers, waves & noises mean. They have translated some of the intense conversations that the doctors have among themselves too. He is peacefully sleeping even just now in the time to type this, his numbers are a little better. Go Cammy go!! The prayers are working!

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