Friday, November 16, 2012

Another great day!

 Love my bear!!
 Helping mom do laundry
 Cameron & his buddy Daniel
 Dr. Merrill Checking out Nurse Kristen's boom boom
The blankets block the lights from the monitors and make the metal bars feel/look more cozy

 Cameron had another good day. The steroids are keeping everything in check.  Grandma Merrill came by with treats! Thank you! That was our big event for the day.  He did take about 6 steps in a row at least 5 times. Our new friend Tiffany let us borrow the bunny ball and he had fun kicking it in the hallway.  He is getting more motivated to walk.  The rumor is tomorrow if his breathing stays stable we may get to go to the physical therapy indoor play ground.  I have heard it is really fun there. We are hoping for another quiet night too :)

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