Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Back on familiar turf

We are back with the cancer kids, back in our same room & back in isolation.  The good thing is we are back in the bubble & his ANC is dropping.  Happy to be in the bubble, but miss the family already.  They think he has the croup virus in combo with his previous mucositis from the chemo.  His breathing is noisy & labored so he gets an special breathing treatment the is inflammatory with epi in it. It makes his heart rate increase too.  His fever went up to 104 at the local hospital & the combo of it all directed them to send us back to our 2nd home here.  Since they made us ride the special pediatric "Panda Team" ambulance I feel naked without all of our gear :) Just the bare essentials, but I did manage to bring most of his blankies & favorite stuffed animals! Thank you Laurie for running the stuff up to the hospital :)

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