Saturday, November 10, 2012

He had a great night!!

Photo: He looks SO good this morning!  It is amazing what 2 days of really good IV nutrition & a good night of sleep will do for him! Thank you Valerie & mom for the coffee & donuts  this morning:) The ear, nose, throat doctor came in this morning to check on him too.  I asked what the plan would be if he used up his 5 doses and was still struggling, the next step is maintaining a safe airway using intubation. When they do that, they keep him in a constant sleeping state and machines provide the air.  They do this until his body can tackle the  throat inflammation and resolve it.  We hope it won't go that way, but it is nice to know to him, it would just be a super long really good nap and a happy throat in the end.  All of his other systems, heart, liver ect.  are doing great.  His blood tests look marvelous! It would just be a good nap so he can heal & breathe.  We aren't there yet, but that is the plan "B" if it doesn't resolve in the next few days.  He looks so good today, I am guessing he will kick this before all of this plan "B" stuff :)

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