Friday, November 9, 2012

New word for today "Stryder"

He is still wheezing, I learned a new word, "Stryder". It means difficulty pulling in air. This is due to his inflammation in his throat & vocal cords. The medicine that works best on stryder is steroids but since he is having chemo he c
an't have steroids with it. The steroids can do wonky things to his body when he is already in the thick of this kind of chemo. So, the breathing treatments don't work on this kind of stryder either. So the Ear, nose & throat team are coming by today to check him out. Another part to this is, since there is the inflammation in his throat, it won't close off all of the way when he drinks thin liquids like water. In this case a small amount of liquid can go into his lungs. Monday he is scheduled for a swallowing study if this does not resolve by then. They will make him drink different thickness of fluids in front of an x-ray to make sure they don't go into his lungs. The good news is that today is the first day of 4 days on Cyterabine~~The very last nausea chemo!!!! Once these next 4 days are over no more uckies from chemo ever again!!! We have a few more rounds after this one, but they are easier! Yayyy! One less thing to worry about :)

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