Sunday, October 7, 2012

Back at the ER

Back at the ER for more 24hr antibiotics (Rosefin) in the IV. This virus is a mean one. When he woke up this morning the fever was 103.8. He was able to have some ibuprofen last night which was a big deal since leukemia kids are forbidden to have ibuprofen since it thins the blood. His platelets were high enough that they would risk it. Since he was able to do that, he got some relief from th
e fever overnight. When it wore off back up it went. Now his platelets are dropping so no more ibuprofen :( If he still has this tomorrow we go back up to Doernbechers for a full evaluation to see if he will be admitted up there. The nurses are super nice here and we are getting a system down here at the ER. I hate to keep coming back here, I wish they could give this medicine in an office visit but the doctors want the ER to do it. I guess they know what's best! We are in good hands! :)

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