Monday, October 1, 2012

Doing good so far!

We go back to Doernbecher's tomorrow for another chemo.  We usually only go once a week but this week it's twice.  The chemo he gets is called Peg-asparaginase it is tricky in the sense that it can cause an allergic reaction.  Of course any med can, but this one is more common, we get to have a child's Epi-pen on hand & to take home in case he reacts.  I am sure he will do great, he has had once before but it is always a risk with it.  It just makes for a long day, it takes a while to get it from the pharmacy, then run it in over an hour, then wait another hour to see if he reacts. At least we get to go home after!!!  We go up again this Thursday for another chemo day with more of the same medicine that will lower his resistance.  So far, we are doing pretty good!!

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