Sunday, October 14, 2012

Holding steady!!

Steady is good! He still has the slow irregular heartbeat but he is holding steady. Now they think it may be the steroids causing it. He is going to have a follow up ECG heart test today just for completeness. He got a throat numbing medicine today. He is still on IV nutrition since his throat hurts so much. Iv morphine is working too. The respiratory therapist comes in every 6hrs to thump on
his back to help break up the gookies in his chest so he can cough them out. It hurts to cough so that's when we hit the pump too. They are backing off of the antibiotics since this is day 9 and would have gotten to the cooties. He is still on his C-Diff meds & anti fungal meds too. He is in cuddle mode today. He had some awake time too. He rally understands a lot of what is going on. He knows his heart is sick, his throat is sick & his blood is sick. When it's all better we can go home. We are not sure what time but we are going back to the 10s Cancer kids today! Back to our room yayyy! He will have a heart monitor there too just not as intense. I am no longer afraid of being in the PICU it's not an end here its just more support. That was a really good lesson for me, so if we have to come back again it won't have such a negative stigma to it. Not so much panic factor to it. It's just more focused assistance rather than the end. Tons of kids get graduated from here back to their rooms, that makes me very happy to see :)

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