Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dad came for a visit!

Dad came for a visit today & Cameron was very happy to see him! He even spoke for the first time in almost 3 weeks! It was great to see more bits of Cameron's funny personality coming back. The doctors still say next week we get to go home
hopefully. We just have to get him to the point when he can take meds orally, his pain controlled and the fevers to stop. He had another low one today. Now that his liver numbers are coming down he is in a much safer range. So, the normal range for his liver numbers was 24 to 49 and his got as high as 9000! That virus attacked his liver but it will be ok & recover back to normal. That is almost as high as it goes before it can't go any higher, is what the doctors told me. Virus's are brutal & everywhere. We are in great hands here that they were able to figure it out quickly & turn it around. He was one sick boy. Now that he is better it can sink in for me how sick he really was and overcame it. He is a fighter! With all of your love, prayers & support he is going to kick this for sure! Thank you everyone!! Even the doctors agree we are on the road to recovery! :)

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