Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Doing good so far

Cameron is doing really well this morning. Yesterday was tough for him, but he bounced back by bedtime & had a great night. He is getting so good at doing his blood pressures, temp check and doctor exams. He sits still and tells the doctor where to put her stethoscope! Again he didn't even cry when the nurse "plugged in" his port for the IV tube. All of the nurses comment on how much he is gro

wing too. The chemo was supposed to slow it down, but he is growing right through it. The chemo was supposed to stop the rapidly dividing cells in the body and his slowing his growth was going to possibly be a side effect. He is really getting tall! It is amazing that on the 9th of October we will have been doing this for 6 months! It is crazy how much everything has changed. Thank you all for your prayers love & support!! We REALLY appreciate it! Thank you for being on this adventure with us :)

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