Friday, October 12, 2012

Not good news

Ok so here is the low down, Cameron took a turn last night. At 4 am the heart monitors went off saying low heart rate. When we checked him his hands and feet were warm but his body & neck were very cold even though he was covered up well with blankets. His temp was so low it wouldn't register on the thermometer. When we did get it to show it was 93. That was after warm blankets. They gave hi
m more fluid, different antibiotic & anti fungal antibiotic. They put him on a bear hug warmer that blows warm air in a special blanket. He is up to 98 with the warmer. They tested him for the flu too. Nothing is coming back with info. His low heart rate is the concern with the low temp can be a sign of infection too. Just waiting for the input from the cardiologist & if this is a fungal infection the meds should work in about a day and a half. So just waiting for some kind of info. He is sleeping comfortably now.Keep the prayers coming please :)

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