Thursday, October 11, 2012

More gear!

The infectious disease doctor assessed Cameron today and thinks it my be a virus that is being so mean on top of the C-Diff. They did a deep nasal swab and should be back in 3-ish days. They tested the poo again too. He started the constant Morphine drip & seems to be working nicely, since his system is used to taking it for his knee pain. It took over an hour for the nurses to put the machine
s together and program them with all of the tubes. It was a big job but he is going to bounce back soon from the fevers. Today was Day 7 of high fevers and a virus runs about 10-ish days. He got his chemo today and it will take 7-10 days for that to effect his ANC#. If we are going to have a 0 ANC# then I am happy to be here in isolation, its like our own little bubble here. The twins get to go on an adventure this weekend with Roberta. We were able to skype with the twins this morning & Cameron(and I) really liked that. It looks like we will be here for the "Rock the Rooms" event on Monday. They have such fun stuff for the kids. I also heard that the dad from the movie Twilight was here not too long ago visiting the cancer kids. Very cool! One more reason to love that series!! :)

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