Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Just to make him happy

Ok, so there comes a time when you become desperate to make your child happy. I will do anything to make him at least a little, a while back when the meds got strong and they said each round would make him lose his hair, his got really thin. We shaved it to keep it from tickling him & he & dad did it together. So, each times we have taken it back down thinking this is the round that takes the rest of it, he & dad do it and he always says "mommy do it too". I hand it off to dad and dad tells him "only daddy's & brothers take their hair off". He stops asking until the next time. Then he asks again. So, here we are at the hospital and it was falling out in clumps, so I shaved his hair. He was frowning at me afterward, I asked him if he was hurting or felt ucky, he shook his head no & kept frowning. I said "are you grumpy" & he nodded yes, I said "why" & he pointed to his head. I said "are you mad I took your hair off" he nodded yes. I explained to him that I had to, so it wouldn't itch & tickle him. He then pointed to my hair. I said "you want me to take mine off"? He nodded yes, I said "would it make you happy"? He nodded yes. For how much he has been through, and someone who hasn't spoken, walked or smiled in 2 weeks, he said a lot. I made him happy. As a parent when you see your child so sick & unhappy you will do anything to make him happy. Afterward, I have asked him several times are you happy now & each time he nods yes. That's all I need. It's just hair, it will grow back, mine grows pretty fast. I called & asked dad ahead of time & he gave me the green light, said he supports it. I will post a pic tomorrow, my vanity & I are still adjusting to the change. The good news is the nurse gave me a cute surgery head wrap so it's not so noticeable when I work again. I will blend in, by then it will have grown out a ton more. We are going to be here a while anyway, one less thing to worry about :)

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