Sunday, October 21, 2012

Nothing to report!

I am happy to report...there is nothing to report.  Nothing new, we are just waiting for numbers to start going up on his blood tests.  His liver numbers are slowly improving.  His fevers are staying low and less frequent.  His heart is now regular. He is still having pain from the mucositis (throat sores all the way down) from the chemo. I talked to another mom in the laundry room & she said they got the same thing when they had Doxorubicin. The pain med pump is really nice to help control it.  If he is having pain you push a button & it sends the pain med quickly through his IV in his port.  You can push the pain button every ten minutes but they don't recommend that so he doesn't get too loopy. He still is unable to eat or drink (he said he's not hungry/thirsty)and hopefully we can start back up on the IV nutrition on Monday. Once his numbers start going up his throat will heal pretty quickly.  His cough is improving so that is nicer on his painful throat. It will be 2 weeks tomorrow that Cammy & I have been here at Doernbechers.  Auntie T is bringing the twins up for a visit tomorrow, they have a event "Chelsea's closet" the kids get costumes and do a parade around the clinic. Cam & I will watch through the window(Still in isolation) & then the twins can come in with us.  VERY excited!! They said we are not going home any time soon so here we are.  Good thing I don't have claustrophobia, I'm getting a ton of reading done  :)

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