Thursday, October 18, 2012

That liver!!

Just when we thought we were on the upswing...that liver. So, he has taken another turn. This is what they said...His blood counts went up dramatically overnight (their words). It is almost about as high as they can go before they stop being able to climb any higher. They don't know just yet what is causing this high on the list of "maybe's" is a virus or drug interaction. They don't know.
The gastroenterologist is coming by today to talk. They are stopping anything going through the liver. The function tests said there is blood flowing through the liver & some of the test are ok, but others are very concerning. They will be stopping his TPN nutrition, giving him platelets and immunoglobulins and IV antibodies too. He is not turning yellow, yet. His fever is being kept in check with ibuprofen(goes through the kidneys not the liver), it was 103.6 overnight before another dose. He may be getting a feeding tube(NG tube) that goes in his nose down to his tummy since he needs some kind of nutrition. The same one the twins had when they were just born. Ugh. More tests today, I will keep you updated. The good news is that we finished steroids. Prayers :)

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