Friday, October 19, 2012

Watch & wait

The plan today is to watch & wait for more results to come in. The ones we have are sowing nothing. The liver results are improving, so that is in the right direction. He is having some fevers, low ones, but we can't give tylenol(to protect the liver) and we can't give ibuprofen since his liver deals with clotting and the irritation may cause random bleeding. The platelets are low too and the ibuprofen
 affects those too. So basically unless the fever goes up really high he has to tough it out until liver is better and/or platelets are better. I told him his only job today is to sleep. They are also increasing his pain meds (fentanyl)too for his throat. He looks more pale today but hopefully on the mend. We had a super nice surprise, dad came up last night and gets to stay for a while today! It was nice for dad to cuddle Cammy, I think they both needed it! The twins are having a sleep over with some friends from preschool Benny & his brothers. Thank you Katie Carleski!!! :)

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