Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sore throats are no fun

He had another fever of 104 last night. The sores in his throat are kind of a big deal since they may have to put him on 24hr IV drip of Morphine. If he is on the drip he can't go home. The sores will last until his ANC# goes back up which may be a couple of weeks. That means we stay here for the duration until his ANC# goes back up. I am not sure if that is in isolation or not. He did get up
and color for a little while yesterday! He will be getting the IV nutrition tonight & chemo too. They will not put a NG feeding tube in because it will irritate his throat more. Whew. He has been sleeping all day so at least he is comfortable & oblivious to all of this. They will do a test today to see if this is the RSV virus too. Thank you so much for all of the love & prayers they are working. He is able to get a few bites of food in. In all of this, they are able to keep him comfortable and that is such a relief :)

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