Tuesday, October 16, 2012


We had a super nice visit from Jen & Heather. They got to see his new fun room! He had a great day yesterday, but tough night.  He is having a ton of throat pain.  We thought it was sore throat from the virus, but now they think it is chemo mouth sores, in his throat (Mucositis).  The morphine is only taking the edge off.  When he coughs, it hurts & he has to cough a ton to get the gook out of his lungs.  Something in this mix is making him sweat tons, so he is barely going tinkle. Dry diapers overnight, so that was an issue.  They did an ultrasound on his bladder to make sure there isn't a blockage in there.  All clear :) now he is just getting more fluids. We just keep putting out fires :) What will today bring ??? It's all an adventure :) Tomorrow is Bingo day again!!

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