Thursday, October 25, 2012

Quiet day :)

He is having a quiet day today sleeping mostly. He got up for a while & had a bath and a fresh port access. They have to un-plug his IV from his port on his chest sanitize it & re-plug him in with a new one once a week to keep his IV line fresh. It's not so much fun but his nurse Sheryl made it quick & easy. He had had IV nutrition all night & all day. That is a good feeling. All of the blood

is looking better each day. The prediction is less than a week left here if it all stays on track. He was supposed to have his Day 29 of 57 day phase chemo today, but it will be delayed until next week. So he can get stronger. Then we will be back on track & officially half way through this last tough round of chemo. Next week's chemo is Vinchristine, Methotrexate in his spinal tap, Cytoxin & Cyterabine, he has had all of those before. In the past, they are ones that cause the big nausea. We have now figured out the magic medicine combo to fight it :) So wait and get him stronger for the last blast of chemo, then maintenance!! Here we come Leukemia, we are going to get you!!! :)

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