Friday, October 12, 2012

Hear comes the really big guns!

But wait there is we are in intensive care (PICU) and they just did a CT scan and the preliminary looks good. There will be an MRI tonight some time. They will sedate him for it. Trying to stay positive is tricky with all of the scary options being mentioned. We will be here tonight for sure, then if they don't find anything we will be back to the kids cancer area in the morning. No
one is allowed to use cell phones here so thank God for facebook :) This is the "I mean business" praying time. When they clear all of the pictures of his brain tomorrow I will celebrate with a happy post on here for sure. This just feels unreal. It is nice to hear his beeping heart rate. Comforting for sure! There is quite a variety of kids here. Babies & young kids. Again the nurses are super sweet and the doctor is a no B.S. straight shooter, which I absolutely love :)

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