Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2 steps forward 1 step back

  1. He seems to have leveled out on much lower numbers. With each new phase brings new things to celebrate and new scary stuff. The 2 steps forward 1 step back rule. They have a theory that with all of the extra movement yesterday that his canulas(big tubes in his neck that bring blood to & from the machine for lung bypass) shifted slightly during the movements and reduced the flow some, but also is started something called "streaming". The blood that is mixing isn't all of the way saturated with oxygen due to the placement, slowing the flow of one of the canulas. So, streams of not as well oxygenated blood go through the body. By the time it mixes all the way around, it is at a pretty good level when it gets back to the machine. They double checked the machine it's self is accurate too. The machine is happy with the numbers, his body is just a big mixer until it gets back to the machine. So, his brain & body are getting good numbers, it just shows up wonky during the mixing process. They have him really sleepy now, he was waving his arm hi and pushing the nurses away too yesterday. We all knew he is a fighter, he is getting stronger and these are the risks that go with that part too. He will get more sleepy medicine more often now, is part of the plan. The cardiac specialists will come by today to check it all out too. I really like his doctor last night & today. It is never fun to see numbers change drastically. Whatever is going on he is more stable now. Thank you for all of the prayers ♥ Keep them coming, we would like to have the numbers back to a really happy place ♥

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