Saturday, January 5, 2013

Boring is good

Super boring rounds by the doctors tonight. I love it! I am so excited/nervous for the bronchioscope tomorrow morning sometime. The rumor is that it will be after morning rounds. I wish I could wear a mask & be part of that procedure. Since he is on this ECMO machine & ventilator he can't be moved anywhere so all procedures, no matter how invasive have to be done here in our little room, in his crib. That is why they can't do any CT scans to see the clear picture. Everything has to come to him. They have the "tower of power" behind his crib & it has all of the big giant surgery lights on it, plus the emergency oxygen/suction ect. Every room here in the PICU is it's own little operating room/hospital room. He watched a ton of the cartoon "Go Diego Go" today and he seemed really clear. When Diego asked questions he would nod yes or no appropriately. The weaning of his heavy sedation medicine is going well. He is tolerating it well. He is so tough. Just little ripples tonight. Big prayers for positive information from the bronchioscope ♥ Thank you ♥

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