Friday, January 4, 2013

Big day

We had a big day. He tolerated it really well. He is sleeping now. Now that he is awake more there isn't as many opportunities to post, but I will keep you updated. So he needed a new iv today so that was a big ordeal that he did really well with. Then, we switched out his endotracheal tube for the bigger one(that's a good thing). They said his throat looks really good ♥ After they got finished with the procedure the ECMO machine had a valve that was turned just slightly the wrong way so the machine alarms went off. We had the room full of calm doctors with the procedure, but this brought in the bee-hive. It was no big deal afterwards but in the moment, super scary. One more gray hair. Super nurse Michelle was in action through out the whole process. She is really good when things get crazy. Now, he is sleeping enjoying his post-procedure medicines. Thank you for the prayers. Despite the craziness, it was still a good day ♥

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