Sunday, January 6, 2013

Just takes time

Thank you for you patience with the break from info. He was just awake so much I wasn't able to leave him. When he slept, I slept too since I was up all night that night. So, he had a good night and got some sleep. Thank you ambian. He was still awake while but at least a few hours in a row sleeping. They will up the dose tonight to try to get him back on a regular day/night schedule. The x-ray this morning show a teeny-tiny bit better. The respiratory therapist said she sees some gookies from deeper down coming out. Those therapists are great, I am pretty sure they are my mental therapists too!! Now, this doctor wants to bag breathe him today to see how it feels. He said he sent out a mass email & got one reply from a PICU doctor in Salt Lake that said it will just take time. It took a while for Cameron to recover from the procedure but his numbers are happy now. We will just keep riding these waves. One day closer to going home! Thank you for all of your love support & prayers ♥ ♥♥

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