Tuesday, January 15, 2013


It would not be a day here without a ride on the roller coaster. So, since his circuit change on the ECMO he was wide awake and interactive. The last few days he has been more sleepy & less interactive. They attributed it to the change & his bodies adjustment to it, including his response to his meds. Ok, so this morning he is just super sleepy & not doing much at all in response to questions. There are concerns that he may have had a stroke or some kind of neurological change with all of the heparin(blood thinners) ect. So, they cut & stopped some sedation meds and we are waiting to see if he lights up. The waiting is hard. If in an hour he isn't showing more interaction the will cut some more meds. If a while after those are cut then it gets really scary and we have to try to wheel him & the entire ECMO circuit down to CT scan him to see if there is brain activity. That is a huge ordeal & takes tons of manpower... prayers please ♥

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