Wednesday, January 9, 2013

big day behind us now

That was a big day I am happy to have behind us now. One less thing to worry about for a little while. Hopefully, this oxygenator will last another 12 days before another switch out. Whew! We are still waiting to hear if they will do the bronchoscopy tomorrow. That is our big excitement for tomorrow. Oh, he is tolerating his midazolam wean and tomorrow he will be at his goal wean for that medicine. Then, they will start to wean his morphine. When he was given the "keeps him still" medicine on the previous ventilator, the only way to tell if he was anxious or in pain was by his numbers. His eyes dilation, heart rate or blood pressure numbers were some of the ways to tell if he was comfortable. Now that we can talk to him, we can wean those medicines that help with pain or anxiety to keep him comfortable & not at massive high levels. He is doing really well tolerating the weans. I just spend a lot of time holding his hand while he naps during the day while he gets used to the partial clarity. The ambian at night seems to really be helping him sleep too. I am ready for another quiet night of healing. Every day is one day closer to going home. I will never take "normal/crazy" life for granted again. Thank you to everyone who took time out of their day to donate blood in honor of Cameron ♥ Thank you again for all of the prayers & helping to get us through this wild, crazy day  <3

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