Friday, January 11, 2013

Nice night yayyyy!

We had a nice uneventful night and are ready for a quiet day of healing. The x-ray this morning looks a little more equal and things are moving a tiny bit more.  He may be able to start weaning from some of the medicines again today.  The morphine is at a high level but that is a slow wean to keep him from withdrawals. He is on several meds to help out with that too.  I am thankful for it, but I also want it out of him.  Most importantly I want him comfortable, and if we can do that at lower levels that is good all around.  Keeping his liver happy(morphine is processed through the liver) is really good.  So far, all other systems are working great.  It is just those sick lungs that seem a teeny tiny bit better or trying to contribute more. It is all a big mystery until the teeny-tinys add up to big better. I am a big fan of big better. Thank you Zach's mom, you are so sweet! Prayers please for a quiet, extremely boring day of healing.  Thank you  <3

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